Reflexology works by stimulating reflex points on the feet. Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy which will support mood improvement, reduce tension, aid sleep and give an improved sense of well being. I offer many types of Reflexology and have recently introduced Mindful Reflexology to support stress, anxiety and depression.

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The treatment begins with relaxation and a gentle foot massage.  Areas of tenderness and blocked energy are identified and worked to assist the body restore balance.

(It is a good idea to wear loose trousers that are able to push up to above the knee) Each treatment ends with reflection on the findings of the foot reflexes.        45 mins                 £35

Course of 6 x 45mins Reflexology £175


There a very few cautions to reflexology, please inform Liz if you have history of DVT (Deep vein thrombosis), are currently being treated for cancer or you suspect you may be pregnant.

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Hot Stones Reflexology

Incorporating all the benefits of Hot Stones to melt away tension as the warmth penetrates deep into the muscles,  combined with reflexology for an ultra-relaxing powerful treatment.  

55 mins  (including reflection)     £39

Luxury Hot Stones Reflexology

A longer more luxurious treatment, with the addition of a hot stones foot and leg massage as well as all the benefitsof a hot stones reflexology.

75 mins    (including reflection)     £51

Aroma Reflexology

Essential Oils are blended together in a bespoke mix to suit your individual requirements. The therapeutic benefits of Aromatherapy are combined with Reflexology to produce a relaxing and powerful treatment. (Unsuitable for pregnant clients)

55 mins    (including reflection)     £39

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Specialist Reflexology

Reflexology for pre-conception

Many couples experience difficulties in conceiving and this can be a really stressful time.  Reflexology can help to alleviate this stress and aid relaxation. The journey begins with an in-depth consultation.  A course of treatment is recommended to support pre-conception.  Advice includes diet and lifestyle analysis and guidance and ongoing support.

Consultation and first treatment                                            75 mins    £50  

Ongoing treatments  (includes advice and reflection)         55 mins    £36

Course of 12 x 55 mins treatments                                        £360

Maternity (Pregnancy) Reflexology

A relaxing therapy which will support mood improvement, reduce tension, aid sleep and give an improved sense of well being throughout pregnancy.  Many ladies find reflexology helpful  at all stages of pregnancy, it can be especially helpful in the final stages, especially for babies that are overdue.                                         55 mins    £36

Post-natal Reflexology

A very helpful treatment for new mums, it can be started as soon as you are ready and is ideal within the first four weeks after the birth. Super-relaxing and recharging treatment                        55 mins    £36

Mindful Reflexology/Speciality Reflexology

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Specialist techniques are included to support stress, anxiety and depression. Guidance is given on self-help and mood improvement.  A super-relaxing treatment focusing on emotional well-being.

55 mins    (including reflection)     £37

Ground floor bespoke treatment room

Ground floor bespoke treatment room

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Aftercare - Following any reflexology treatment you are advised to:

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid a headache and to continue the benefits of the treatment.

  • Rest

  • Eat a light diet for the next few hours

  • You may feel emotional, increasing your water intake should alleviate this

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