iCon Body Sculpting 

Using the most powerful microcurrent waveforms in the industry

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Neck and Decellote Rejuvinate

30 minutes                      £30

Course of 6 x 30 mins    £150

Targeting the neck and chest, to reduce visible signs of ageing.· Defines muscle and refines skin tone.  · Promotes lymphatic drainage to eliminate fluid retention and toxins.·  Replenishing sun damaged skin surface·         Results in firmer neck and defined jaw line
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Cellulite Buster

45 mins                                 £45

Course of 6 x 45 mins         £225

Specialised non-invasive treatment to encourage inch loss for legs,  buttocks and tum.  Includes Anti-cellulite Meso Lift. Aids break down fatty deposits and eliminating cellulite. Promotes lymphatic drainage to stimulate circulation and flush toxins. Skin is smoother and toned. Enhanced body contours.Treatment is completed with a luxurious massage of specialised firming cream.

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Smooth and Tone (Bum and Thigh lift)

30 mins                            £30

Course of 6 x 30 mins    £150

Slimming, lifting and firming for a smoother defined profile. Non-invasive intensive treatment to help restore muscle tone and redefine your body contour. Lifting and tightening buttocks and thighs for a sculptured, smoother profile. Treatment is completed with a luxurious massage of specialised firming cream.  


Following body treatments you are advised to drink plenty of water and to avoid excessive heat for 6-8 hours.

The effects will be enhanced  by following a healthy diet and increasing your exercise levels.

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Target Toning (Abdomen)

45 mins                         £45

Course of 6 x 45 mins £225 

Intensive tummy lifting, slimming and toning. Tightens and improves muscle tone. Reduces fluid retention.  Achieves a slimmer, defined result.

Bust Lift and Tone 

30 minutes -                   £30

Course of 6 x 30 mins   £150

Superior non-invasive lift of bust area with amazing effects. Tightens and defines muscle tone.  Perfects skin surface. Dramatic uplifting results and enhanced cleavage


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Batwing Shaper  

30 mins                            £30

Course of 6 x 30 mins    £150

Restoring muscle tone to upper arms. Targeting loose skin and muscle to help combat the ‘bat wing’ effect. Deep penetrating micro-current pulses to help redefine muscle tone. An intensive treatment promoting a more defined, sculptured appearance in the upper arm. Treatment is completed with a luxurious massage.

 Ultimate Arms   

35 mins                             £35

Course of 6 x 25 mins     £125

Combines both Batwing Shaper to restore muscle tone to upper arms, plus Intensive Hand Treatment. Sculpts and tones both the upper arm and hands.   Leaving you with a smoother and youthful appearance. 

Intensive Hand treatment

15 mins                              £15

Course of 6x 15 mins       £75

Targeting hands, a main area of visible ageing.Restoring muscle tone. Stimulating skin surface. Hands will appear smoother and youthful. Treatment is completed with luxurious hand cream. 

This treatment can be added on to any manicure or facial for just £7